Umbria Pilates and Mindfulness Holiday and Retreat 2017

Pilates and Mindfulness Holiday and Retreat

June 4th – 10th 2017

with Joanna Turner






Why choose the Pilates Retreat?

The Retreat will be run and organised by JoTurner of Courtyard Clinic and husband Ian Turner. After searching for many years, Jo and Ian finally found the location and team to work with at Casa Rosa, to set-up and run a programme of activity that aims to help you to find space in your busy life, to get away from it all and relax deeply – giving yourself time to be you again.

What’s included in the Pilates Retreat?

For up to 12 people, an optional programme of Pilates, Mindfulness, walking, swimming (both in a pool and freshwater), woodland experiences, creative projects and massage has been put together to help you truly unwind. Sometimes you’ll be still, sometimes active; relaxation comes in many forms.

All accommodation, airport transfers from Rome Fiumicino to Assisi (return), food and drink will be included, so you can sit back, knowing that everything has been taken care of. 


Included in the cost of your holiday is a massage with Jen, our experienced therapist who will be available on-site throughout your stay. If required, you are able to book and pay for additional massages either during your stay or in advance. Let us know and we will sort things out with Jen. 

Imagine a holiday that gives you more…

One that is focused on you and other likeminded people, who not only want to experience that ‘carefree feeling’ and escape those spinning plates, a holiday that gives you time and headspace to be yourself.

The programme at The Retreat has been designed around your
Health and Wellbeing, immersing yourself in Pilates and Mindfulness
in a stunning environment to help you manage certain physical issues, stress and anxiety, as well as having a great deal of fun in the classes and enjoying the fabulous atmosphere and culinary delights at Casa Rosa.

What else can I do during the Pilates retreat in Umbria?

Time is set aside for you to explore Assisi and the surrounding area, however, the focus is to enjoy Casa Rosa and connect on a deeper level with the natural environment.We want you to return home, rested, restored, feeling physically and emotionally well with new skills, and fantastic memories. What people say…

Flights and Transfers

Suggested flights

Outgoing: On 4th June, there is an EasyJet flight departing Bristol at 12:10pm, arriving Rome Fiumicino at 15:45pm. 

Return: On Saturday 10th June, there is a flight departing Rome Fiumicino at 10:10am arriving Bristol 11:55am.

Included in the cost of your holiday are shared taxi transfers to co-ordinate with these flights specifically. If you wish to travel at an alternative time or from an alternative airport, we can help you arrange individual transfers but this may incur an additional cost. We would advise that you book your flights as early as possible to ensure availability and to take advantage of lower prices with advanced booking through EasyJet.

Shared Room
Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat 2017
Shared twin room

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